Sherwood Forest Estates Property Owners Association

Annual Meeting at SFE Firehouse

Saturday, July 1, 2000, at 10:00 a.m.


Call Meeting to Order - President Rodger Anderson

Pledge of Allegiance- Ken Gebler

President's Introduction

Approval of Minutes from last annual meeting-read by Anne Dudley for Dick Fisher. Approved

Treasurer's Report - Previous balance: $3652.95, deposits: $1594, expenses: $1147.09, final balance: $4100.71. Submitted by Lionel Giguere. Approved

Election of new SFEPOA Board member - nominations from the floor.

Penny Mills nominated and approved by acclimation.

Guest Speaker: Carla Pavlik, local real estate agent

Raffle: 1000 gallons of water, winner Marianne Carroll.

Guest Speaker: Herb Johnson, sheriff department volunteer

Raffle : Gift certificate to Pine County Restaurant, winner Dean Hansen.

Guest Speaker: Bob Mills, county building inspector

Raffle: Gift certificate to Rodís Steakhouse, winner Donelson Family

Guest Speakers: Sherwood Forest Estates Fire Department

Raffle: Gift certificate to Safeway, winner Duane Thompson who donated it to the Auxiliary.


Issues and Concerns: Discussion

A lively discussion followed on the many issues and concerns of our neighbors. Topics included (but were not limited to) the railroad crossing, trash in yards, sign at entrance, dogs, speeding and dust, ATVs, and travel trailers. Maine Consolidated School has a meeting on July 14, 2000 to discuss the raise in taxes. A petition is circulating to disband the Parks/Bellmont Fire District.

Motion to mail minutes to all property owners. Approved

Meeting Adjourned- 11:28

2000-2001 SFEPOA Board

President Anne Dudley

Vice President Rodger Anderson

Secretary Dick Fisher

Treasurer Lionel Giguere


Beth Dormady

Jerry Kinsey

Penny Mills