Minutes SFEPOA 7/06/02

Call to order : Anne Dudley

Pledge allegiance: Anne Dudley

Secretary report: Dick Fisher, Approved

Treasurer report: Lionel Gigiuere, Approved

SFE sign has been refinished.

Beth Dormady: Brochure has been finalized and printer available today for handout.

Recap of organizations

SFE Property Owners Association

Fire District Board and Fire Department

Fire Department Auxiliary

SFEPOA vice-president introduced: Penny Mills

2 inactive members on the board need to be replaced. We need two nominations for board members.

Call for nominations. Need local representation.

Nancy Sereno nominated by her husband

Dick O’Neal has volunteered but could not be here today.

Need to have the bylaws revamped. Three sets with differing terms of office. Request for assistance from a legal representative.

Vote by acclamation: no abstentions. Finalized the two nominees.

First raffle: Peek Confections, Williams 459696 – Loretta Johnson 259/260

Second raffle: Pine Country Rest. 459719 - Jan Rudd

Guest Speaker: Carol Pavlik Real-estate agent

2001 7 lots @ 19-29K , 1 pending

6 homes sold @ 100-165K

2002 7 homes 83-235K

Average cost has reached $100/ft2

6 lots sold @ 25-35k

5 homes sold @ 129-216K

SFE owners are in the Main Consolidated School District. Ccan choose either Williams or Flagstaff for middle or high school.

SW of SFE 160 acres, 4 40acre-parcels . USGS reports water table is at 1500-2200 with substantial water. Owner , Tony Collens is planning of drilling a well for the parcels.

Guest speaker: Herb Johnson, Coconino Sheriff Volunteer, Property Watch

Moonset cider pit very successful over 75 cars by 9 AM. 200 visits by 3PM. Carl Fuller thanked for moving the pile in the pit. Thanked the Fire dept. for coordinating the dumping.

46 visits every 10 days in home watch. One shed broken into during the year. The Dudley’s left their lights on during Christmas!

We have seen an 80% reduction in burglary rate. ATV activity has been kept to a minimum.

Loose dog problem during the winter. Fire dept. handled this.

Hanta Virus 2 cases in Parks both survived. No rabies this year. Prairie dogs lost to plaque. 13 miles north there is a small colony. Plague is in the area. Health agency responded and tested all the areas after the die out.

There has been a cut back on available personnel for property watch.

Do you watch all the homes or do you have a list?

We watch all the homes at least once per week but for individual watch activity you must sign up.

Area covered by Herb is from Sycamore Canyon to the Grand Canyon and from Ashfork to Belmont. The service is free but owners must sign up at Coconino Sheriff’s department or through Herb. Forms are available.

No significant problems this year. The average response time for law enforcement calls is 8 - 10 minutes. Ambulance response about the same time.

Two things not accomplished lot numbers verses street numbers.

Last man was locked into the Moonset Pit! Ha!

Third raffle: Rack and Bull Restaurant, 459691 - Donny Bridges

Guest Speakers: Jackie Dent and Art Mathias , U.S. Forest Service

Slide show from forest service

How do we report fires? ( while slide show set up)

No enhanced 911 need address, lot number.

What is the proper way to report a fire? 911 is the first call can call fire dept. etc.

By this fall the system will be up and running street number and name assignment in process.

Everyone will be notified via the mail form the county

Fire info officer

Greater Parks Fuels reduction Program

Partnership with many agencies to reduce the risk of fire.

Kaibab, Cocnino ext. ……

Helps property owners to reduce the risk of fire.

Education is a primary goal of the partnership.

Started from a survey by Kaibab. Sherwood Forest and parks scored very high for risk of wild land fire.

Goal is to remove trees so that a fire can be caught when it is on the ground.

Protect lives and communities from wild fire

Improving the overall forest health. During drought trees are vulnerable to disease.

Brochure available on bark beetles.

History of the pine forest in northern Arizona.

During early settler era forest was open and park like.

Heavy grazing started there were many large trees but fires every 2 – 10 years kept the small trees in check and there was heavy grasses to fuel fires. Grazing removed the grass and fire control prevented the natural thinning.

The 1930's, many small trees and grasses removed by cattle.

By 1989 many small trees where grasses once thrived.

Detailed review of how the program works for individual property owners.

State will mark trees to be removed but property owner has the final say as to what trees are removed.

$100/acre – great deal!

50 acres treated in 2001 in SFE

200 additional acres signed up.

Jackie thanked the Williams District ranger for opening the pit this weekend.

Key points:

  1. Brochures available
  2. Take the time to cleanup and treat the area
  3. Help the neighbors
  4. Sign up for the program.
Take action on your home and property, the partnership will help.

Be proactive

Use the programs when they are available.

Think long term.

Remember…it is your responsibility

Fourth raffle: Safeway 459683 - Pam Poley

Guest Speaker: Sue Hadley, Fire Department Auxiliary

Introduced Beth Dormay, and Jane Snowberger board members

The auxilary is open to all to join. Meetings are the third Sat. of each from April to Sept. 9:30 in the morning at the fire house.

Fund raisers pancake breakfast and bake sales. SFE shirts. $12

There is a SFE yard sale Aug 3rd . Sign up or give to them to sell your items.

Sign up sheet available.

Aug 31 breakfast; craft bazaar at firehouse. $10 for a 10x10 space.

The auxilary spent many hours doing neighborhood clean up. Request for all to participate to keep SFE clean. Barrels available at fire house for recycling.

Next meeting two weeks from today. ( 7/20/2002)

Guest Speaker: Bob Mills, Fire Chief

200 + cars at Moonset pit today!

Fire department consists of 24 people some full and some part time.

Fire practice is the first Sat. of the month.

Fire dept. currently has 5 pieces of equipment. Water is available by tanker truck. Someone on stand by all the time.

Bob's wife Pam coordinates the phone notification.

Bob introduced:

Sandy Peterson – Fire board Chairwoman

Dan Dormady - Assistant Chief

Chris Christenson – Chief Eng.

NAME ? Dedicated suspenders to Bob Mills

House fire in Parks SFE and Parks responded. Agreements with Junipine and Parks fire depts. To assist when needed.

The fire district has comprehensive plan for evacuation and protection. Brochures were distributed on doors of homeowners this weekend.

Fifth Raffle: Grand Canyon Railway 459703 - Catherine Cook, lot 253

Fire open house barbecue and potluck follows.

Meeting adjourned