Sherwood Forest Estates Property Owners Association Annual Meeting Agenda

July 4, 1998 10:00 AM

Meeting opened by President Harold Sebring

Pledge of Allegiance

Welcome and Introduction of Board Members

Guest Speakers:

US Forest Service – Edgar Allen Brown

Animal Control – Larry Flatt

Cozino Alderetti

Leash law in Coconino County

All pets are to be on a leash at all times and kept at home in an enclosure or on a leash. All animals must be vaccinated and licensed. Three officers for the county (Flagstaff) and one in Page. Don’t hesitate to call if there is an animal problem.

What percentage of the coyotes are rabid – no occurrence in the last 10 years.

Concern over the hanta virus.

$35-$250 impound fees. Will work to contact out of county licensed animals.

Humane Society - Mora, Veterinarian Technician

250 calls last year for lost or injured animals. Patrol regularly monitoring for animals locked in car etc. Education programs for schools etc. These are offered at no charge. Many brochures available for snake bite, winterizing animals (horses) etc. Adopt a teacher for $20 per year, teacher and all students sent a weekly reader for the environment and pet care in the local environment. All animals receive vaccination when entered into the society impound, distemper and parvo are very common in this area. Adoption services come with an ID tag specific to the society. All animals are neutered or spayed. 50K animals last year went through this facility. All adopters get the necessary paperwork to support adoption. They have an emergency call service. Respond to all species and contact Game & Fish if necessary and work closely with this government organization. 24 emergency service is for Flagstaff mostly, as Williams has there own animal control officer.

Forest Service John Eavis (Specialist for ‘fun in forest.’)

Williams District trails.

100 miles of trails for rec. use. They provide a variety of trails, ease of travel from Parks’s rest area. Dead man trail, in Sycamore canyon, requires Mountain bike trail off of rt. 66, cross-country skiing, Spring Valley cross-country ski trails, Kendrick and Bill Williams Mountain hiking. Daven port trail near Dogtown Lake. Summit Mountain trails. Beale trail north of parks, historical trail. 1857Beal trail.

Information is available from the following: Williams’s guidebook, Flagstaff and Sedona Hikes at visitor’s center in Williams. Kaibab info recreation opportunity guides. Williams’s district trail sheets available at district office or visitors center. Many brochures available for the various trails. Overland and Beale wagon road trails Brochures.

Get information BEFORE you head out, Take water. There is no potable water on any trail.

Are there any current maps? Recreational maps are for sale at the district office and the visitors center.

Do they include elevation? Some do. Get topographical maps for detailed information. Supervisor’s office will make a copy for a fee.

How often are they updated? They are updated about every five years. These new recreational maps were generated last year. All maintained roads are on the recreational maps. Topographical maps include all known roads/trails

Coconino County Sheriffs Dept.

Herb ?

House watch Program – patrolled every ten days, free of charge. Stop by office and fill out the forms. Patrol done by volunteers.

Parks went from 20 burglaries per year to 1 using this system. One burglary in SFE in the past few weeks. Last year there was a gang of thieves on rt. 64 ( to Grand Canyon) 8 burglaries in 1 week.

Response from Williams office 10-15 minutes.

Call 635- 4487 for dirt bike, ATV problems.


Forest Service Larry Anderson Fire Management officer

Susan Nixon local patrol

Video on Wild fire issues.

Master Gardener Trainee – Lu Brumbaugh

Fire Department – Bob Mann

Homes must be properly prepared: Access road maintenance, screened windows, sealed cracks etc. to prevent ember entrance to the structure. Fire wise construction and landscaping to minimize fire hazards. Home planing project to survive a wild fire. Fire wise location.

For fire wise construction techniques (from the video) call 1- 614-984-7486.

Build on level land.

Setback 30 feet from a ridge for a single level.

Access - 12 feet wide, overhead of 15 feet, 12% or less grade.

Roofing material is prime reason for fire loss.

Class A or non-combustionable materials.

Safe clean distance for pine needles – rake minimum of thirty feet from house.

Asphalt shingle that are Class A are good fire retardant roofing material.

Current timber sale and forest cleaning

Larry Anderson

Brush left behind.

Clean up will start very soon, in the next week. Will be piled by the contractor and left to dry, then burned by the forest service.

Issue raised about State timber piles left to the south of the subdivision.

Urban interface group is taking the lead (now). Not true in the past. Developing plans to better control the forests and pulp timber piles in the future.

Number of trees per acre is the most critical issue. Trees drop 30% of their needles per year. With the thinning that has been done this fire proofs the area for 3-5 years. If propoerty owners have 5 acres or more, state has money to reimburse owners, up to 70%.

State Agency ( Name?) Al Hendricks, Keith Pajkos 774-1425 program to assist landowners in clearing land of trees and debris with a possible reimbursement of 60-70%.

Where can we haul debris?

To Williams on north side of road. By rodeo grounds. Dumb a load for $1.00 for burnable material.

14 fires this year in our district. Two fires probably railroad caused.

Three fires in Parks human caused.

Bob Mann – Fire District Chairman

Two opening for the board in November.

The person starting the fire is responsible for any fires and damage casued

Dead tree fell on the power line. Taken care of before any problem. You are resp. for dead trees, call APS for assistance if near electrical lines.

Need volunteers for fire district. Currently five people manning the notification systems in SFE.


Soon down to four – NEED ASSISTANCE. Training 1st and thrid Sundays, Will set up one on Saturdays, if needed.

Notify the department if you are going to do burning. Helicopters cost $1-2 K per hour!

All of Northern Arizona is RED FLAGGED at this time. Water trailer is available to take to your lot when anyone is doing burning (WITH PERMISSION).


Master Gardening Trainee – Lu Brombaugh

Gardening is a challenge in Northern Arizona

Obvious solution is a green house. Can be costly! Coldframe is a viable solution using recyclable material. Jim POB 488 Flag, 86002, 774-2147, 774-4647 fax

Soil Amendments

Manure – animal waste

Compost – any material that has begun to decompose, ready near the end of compost.

Green manure – living plants plowed in to the soil.

Container gardening is a viable alternative. Great for growing tomatoes!

Three month growing season. Water is a problem. Aerospace landscaping is an excellent way to landscape with drought and heat tolerant plants.

High Country Gardens

Extension Service

Tom De Gomez


774-1860 fax


Reading of Minutes – Secretary

Read minutes :7/4/1997, 7/5/97

Minutes approved

Auxiliary report.

Read minutes from 9/24/97 meeting

Minutes approved

Coldfire $15

Shirts - $10

Caps $5


Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer

Read and approved

$3890 reported to Az Corporation commission

Association fees are tax deductible ( really?)


Officer’s Reports

Old Business

New Business – Election of new board member

Nominations from the floor

Lionel Giguere elected by a motion from the floor and approved by the membership.

Grand Prize $200 to – 459629, Rick Hague

$25 to Ponchos – 459632, Tracy ?

$25 to " – 459619, Lee Lockridge

$25 to " – 459620, Sandy ?

$25 to Tiffany’s, - 459618, Rogetz ?

$25 to Tiffany’s – 459601, Young property owner

$25 to Denny’s – 459635, Jim Butcher

$ 25 to Denny’s – 459602, Jane Ballard

$20 to Safeway – 456640, New Homeowner

$20 to Safeway – 456614, Debi

$20 to Safeway – 456604, Donnly

$20 to Safeway – 456637, Judy

$20 to Safeway - 456605, Lady

Racking of Pine Needles offered.


Drawing for Prizes

Meeting adjourned

Video shown about interfacing to the forest ecology.





Send minutes to members (new only). Should send to all on the roster. (property owners)

Send out a questionnaire:

1. House watch and permission to notify sheriff’s dept. on their behalf.

  1. Statistics on ownership in SFE to develop a profile of our community, age group, frequency of visit’s to SFE, full time.
  2. Profile of your household. To be used for protection, aid in developing services to better assist and benefit the community. Needs of the community for police and fire protection
  3. Desire to coop to get trees thinned, trimmed etc.
  4. Deadline to be returned to SFE POA, Labor day weekend.

July 18th Meeting of Board to finalize questionnaire. 7:00 PM @ Firestation.

Adjourned. @ 12:35 PM