Minutes of the Annual Meeting May 26, 2001 11:00 – 1:00

Call to order: Anne Dudley, president

Pledge of allegiance

Minutes from 2000: Dick Fisher, Approved

Treasurer’s report: Lionel Giguere, Approved

Raffle Prize: Rosa’s Cantina: Cathy Scelehct

Guest: Kathi Clark, Cool Country Realty

Sherwood Forest Estates property valuations appear to have leveled at current values.

Lower land values are present in Sherwood than in Parks because the increased septic system requirements are a drawback. On 1/2001 new rules were adopted for testing. Coconino is not honoring the transfer of existing permits! Cost has increased because of additional design requirements:

What are the average costs? Standard system– around $5K, Alternative system – $15-27K. Get system installed if you have a permit!

Raffle: Peak Confections: Debbie Switzer

Guest speaker: Bob Mills – County building department. Inspector for part of the Northland region & lives in Sherwood. (Bob doesn’t work for the health dept. J )

Zoning snapshot:

For further specifics you can get a copy of the county codes by calling 226-2700.

Raffle: Grand Canyon Railway Tickets: Paul Williams & Janet Pysber (one pair each)



Guest Speaker: SFE Fire Department Auxiliary - Jane Snowberger

Fundraisers and social events include:

See us to buy Chimfex – removes oxygen from chimney to stop chimney fires. 2 for $19.

Raffle: Safeway: Marc Darr

Guest Speaker: Doc Smith, NAU Forestry Department – slide show on fuel reduction and forest compared to mid 1800’s. The Fuel Reduction Program has been created to reduce tree density and ground fuel on private and public property.

Questions: After thinning can we get grass seed? Natural seeding is a normal development. Fort Valley reseeding (seen in slideshow) was natural seeding. Thinning of trees permits the remaining trees to become healthier. Old growth trees will respond and become healthier – 50% increase in resin, growth increase, resistant to bark beetles.

Why do the squirrels seem to be eating up one of my trees? Squirrels nip the new growth looking for sugars in the Cambrian layer. Normally this will not harm the tree.

What about the Hanta Virus? 60% of male mice have the Hanta virus. Be careful when cleaning out sheds and woodpiles.

Guest Speaker: Keith Menasco, Forest Service – Williams, introduced several interface people from the forest service and other agencies. Art Mathias is the coordinator for Sherwood partnership program, at the NAU office of cooperative extension.

Raffle: 1000 gallons of Larry Wright Water: Krista Williams

Guest Speaker: Herb Johnson - Coconino County Sheriff’s Volunteer, sign up and he will watch your property when you are away.

Rabies problem: Many dead skunks have been found to have rabies in the Flagstaff area. The 35 miles around Flagstaff, including SFE, has been quarantined. Domestic animals in the area must be on a leash at all times (even cats).

SFE Fire Board introduction by Anne Dudley.

Guest Speaker: SFE Fire Department Chief, Jack Snowberger: Thanks to the membership for cooperating with the fire restrictions. Introduction of the fire fighters. We now have an ISO 8 rating, which may qualify homeowners for a reduction in insurance rating. Moving from 10 to 8 is a most significant jump. New firehouse stalls are being discussed. There are no plans for a tax rate increase for fire service.

Jack Hadley, training officer, request for volunteer firefighters; please join us at any training session. Training is available for all volunteers and is scheduled regularly. Hadley recognized Donny Bridges and Jack Snowberger for their efforts in getting the

ISO 8 rating.

Comments & Concerns:

Raffle: Pine Country Kitchen: Shirley Butler

Meeting adjourned.

Submitted by Dick Fisher, Secretary