Sherwood Forest Estates Property Owners Association

Sherwood Forest Estates POA
PO Box 211
Williams, AZ 

  Organization and Community Services
Board of Directors Fire Department (928)-635-9837 Emergency 911 Local Numbers
Anne Dudley, President Bob Mills, Chief  LAW ENFORCEMENT
Beth Dormady, Vice-president Dan Dormady, Assistant Chief DPS (928) 773-3600
Lionel Giguere, Treasurer Wayne "Chris" Christensen, Engineer Williams Police 911 or (928) 635-4461
Dick Fisher, Secretary Jack Hadley, Training & Recruiting Coconino county sheriff (928) 635-4487
Members at Large Bob Mills, Maintenance Coconino Co.  Animal Management (928) 226-2717
Penny Mills, Member at large
Propoerty Watch  Herb Johnson (928) 
Dick O’neal, Member at large Anne Dudley, Safety FIRE
Nancy Sereno, Member at large Beth Dormady, Communications SFE fire department (928) 635-9837
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Fire District Board Williams Fire 911 or (928) 635-4421
Minutes from7/02 meeting
Minutes from 5/01 meeting
Sandy Peterson, Chairman  Parks (928) 
Minutes from 7/00 meeting Larry Donelson, Secretary/Clerk HEALTH CARE
Minutes from 7/99 meeting 
Minutes from 7/98 meeting
Jane Snowberger, Treasurer (Williams) (928) 774-4523
Meetings are the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the fire house and are open to the public. (Flag)Williams Health Care Center 
(301 S. 7th Street) (928) 635-4441
MAP by Yahoo Auxiliary Ambulance service 911 or (928) 635-2233 (Eddingfield) 
 Pictures Rita Christensen, President OTHER
Send us your pictures for publication (digital format)! Barbara Bridges, Vice-President & Publicity Extension Service (928) 774-1868, 774-1860 fax
  Member Homepages Sue Hadley, Secretary Williams News (928) 635-4426

Jane Snowberger, Treasurer Coconino County Community Development   Building inspection/permits  (928) 226-2700

Meetings are the third Sat. of each from April to Sept. 9:30 in the morning at the fire house. U.S. Forest Service (928) 635-5600


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