Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, The people whom He has chosen for His own inheritance. Psalm  33:12

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Current weather

 Status Wed Oct 29 10:36:38 2014
Wind   (graph/graph)
 Current: 0.0  mph   (0 calm) n/a (000°) 
 Gust: 2.5  mph   (1 light air) 
 Todays high: 4.4  mph   (2 light breeze) at 10:20 NNE (022°) 
  Temperatures   (graph)CurrentHighLowMore
  Station87.4°F 87.4°F 49.7°F (°C)
  Windchill  (graph)87.4°F
(Custom map)
Sunrise: 6.45Sunset: 17.40
751856 samples in 7 days, 20 hours, 32 minutes
751856 samples since Wed Feb 16 21:36:56 2005
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